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Ten Things Not To Give Out As Wedding Favours

The tradition of giving out wedding favours is a real old one. Blame it on the European aristocrats, While porcelain, crystals and precious stones were the practices of the old, the modern-day brides & grooms have evolved into more practical beings. The new trend in wedding favors: practical, memorable and personalised. However, there have been quite a few slip-ups over the recent years. Maybe they did not heed the advices of bridal boutiques. Or maybe they just wanted their wedding favours to be truly unique. If you do not wish to be belong to this wedding favour-disaster clique, note the top ten no-nos in wedding favours.

Wedding Favors

10. Laptop sleeves If your guests consists mostly of young laptop-toting professionals, then this may seem right. However, if what are the grannies going to do with this? Turn it into a heating pad?

9. Pen Yes, it is too conventional -- exactly the reason why it is on the list. If you cannot help it, at least make the pen more personal, such as engraving your names of faces perhaps.

Wedding Favors

8. Cheese Grater Like what is the point? You want to give the things something memorable and special, not something they might hang in the kitchen. Cheese graters are unique, yes. But wedding favour material? Uh.. NO.

7. Pizza slicer Wedding favours ought to be romantic. Not traumatic. Pizza slicers are downright un-romantic. And scary at that. Try something less terrifying. Perhaps a pot of flowers would be better.

6. Potholder The potholder is useful. The potholder may be ideal for gifts as well. But as a wedding memorabilia, it sucks.

5. Shower curtain Now this is the perfect example of a tasteless pricey wedding favour. If you really feel the urge to give out something which your guests might use inside the bathroom, try a shower cap or a soap. That's a league beyond shower curtains.

Wedding Favors

4. Mirrors When your guests receive mirrors as wedding favours, for sure, they are going to wonder what exactly is that you want them to do with it. It's a confusing gift. Remember that wedding favours reflect your personality. Just imagine what mirrors would say about you. 3. Feather duster This is worse than a mirror. It is tasteless, and well, plain crazy. It is indeed a useful household tool, but it completely defeats the purpose of having wedding favours. It completely takes out the "romantic" in wedding favours.

2. Matches First of all, just think, what would the guests do with those matches? Even if you give away velvet-boxed matches wrapped in silk ribbons, it still would not work. It is NOT special and NOT memorable. Even you would not know what to do with it, right?

And at the top of our list:

1. Butcher's knife The butcher's knife is scary, horrible, morbid and absurd. It is a wedding. The guests are supposed to leave the gala happy and weepy (in some cases), not mad and confused. Unusual may be the trend nowadays, but going overboard won't make your wedding day as great as it should be. Instead of these weird items, why don't you try sweets instead? Try those yummy wedding cakes in Toronto, daintily wrapped in little boxes. Although it won't last so long, at least you know that you made your guests quite happy with such a wedding favour.

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