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Hassle-Free Wedding Favours Selection - Yes, It's Possible!

Finding the perfect wedding favours need not be a drag. Especially with the advent of online shopping. Just a few clicks, and voila, there goes your list of options. Wedding favors, wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses -- you name it!

But how exactly do you go about picking the appropriate wedding favours? Searching for options is easy, but picking out one is well, rather difficult. So, here are a few pointers to help you out in picking the right wedding favours:

Wedding Favors

1. Consider the location, style and theme of your wedding. If you're having a casual, garden wedding, a less-formal gift will do. However, if it is in a hotel, then you have to find a more formal gift to go with the occasion.

2. If you and most of the guests are into music, a CD of you and your partner's favorite tunes is the perfect pick. Personal and romantic, to say the least.

3. Carefully consider the age range and gender of your guests. Make sure you cater to the preferences of the age range and of both genders. This may not be easy, but try to find a middle ground.

4. Personal, hand-made favors seem like a brilliant idea. After all, what could be better than giving the guest wedding favors that would remind them of your special day and nothing else, right? However, you must take into account the time frame. Do you have enough time to do those favors yourself? If you have already decided on DIY wedding favors, then work on them months before you work on anything else.

Wedding Favors

5. You could try bundling up items that juxtapose with your wedding theme. If you are having a private wedding with very few guests, you can splurge on multiple wedding favours that go with theme. However, if you are on a tight budget and have quite a number of guests, a huge bundle is absolutely not a good idea.

6. Having chocolates and truffles as wedding favors is great -- except when you're having a garden or a beach reception. Find other sweet stuffs that would not melt under the sun.

7. The major dilemma: "at the table" or "on the way out"? Now you have to consider these things: a) Are the wedding favours huge? b) Is the table spacious? Thus, if you have a big wedding favour and a very spacious table, it is fine to place each wedding favour on the tables. If the wedding favour is too big for the table, then try placing those wedding favours in a large tray, strategically placed in foyers or halls. Put up a sign indicating that guests are allowed to take one wedding favour each.

8. It is not about the package. While satin ribbons, organdy bags and boxes are quite pleasing to the eye, it would be a better idea if you put in more effort on what is inside the wedding favour rather than the outside.

9. Make sure your wedding favours reflect your personality. It is after all, a memorabilia of your grand day.

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