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Finding Your Wedding Favours - Q-and-A Style!

Whether it's your first or your fourth time, being a bride entails a lot of preparation and planning. Many a woman has had images of herself and her dearly beloved holding hands and saying their vows in soft, gossamer sheets of sunlight, but only to wake up to the reality of taking care of the registry, reservations, invitations, oh!-the list goes on and on and on! But since pre-wedding stress does not a blushing bride make, a way to straighten out wedding plans is to have a theme. Do yourself some wedding favours and ask yourself and your hubby-to-be a few questions:

Question # 1: Who are you as a couple?

Are you intrepid mountaineers who are always looking for that new peak to conquer? Many wedding cakes in Toronto can be made to be high enough to convey your shared passion. Was it the love of animals that drew the both of you together? Miniature dog collars with little wedding bells can be the cutest of wedding favors! Whoever you are as a couple, choices abound to suit to your the needs of your theme.

Wedding Favors

Question # 2: How did you two first meet?

Was it along the jogging alley at the park? Perhaps you bumped into each other at a photography seminar? Wherever your love for each other blossomed may have been, a very romantic theme can revolve around it. Weddings are as much about you sharing your love for each other to your family and friends as much as it is about yourselves, so don't feel abashed to celebrate your history together.

As an example, wedding invites that look like airline tickets and passports are now available for couples who might have first met at the airport, or who perhaps work together as flight crew, or even for those who became romantic in the airplane! The point is, many a bridal boutique now offers a huge array of wedding favours and other paraphernalia to suit your theme exactly - so don't be afraid to pick the theme that showcases your brand of romance.

Wedding Favors

And last but not least, Question #3: What do you love about each other?

Do you love the way he cooks for you every morning? Does he love the way you button up his shirt and fix his tie? A wedding is a grand gesture, but it also has many details that can be used as metaphors for the little things you share with one another.

For example, a vial of vanilla extract or perfume can be used as a wedding favor to convey to family and friends how much you love his freshly-baked breakfast muffins. On the other hand, exquisite tie pins with your names and wedding date engraved on it is a humorous reminder for when you two "tied the knot."

Taking care of your wedding needn't be stressful and chaotic. Find a theme that is based on each other, and then stick to it as much as possible. Soon enough, you'll be surprised: instead of being stressed, you actually love every minute of it.

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