How to pick Wedding Favors
Wedding favours are essentially a memoir of your wedding day, the item that will instantly remind your guests of your wedding reception. It's worthwhile then to take some time and care while choosing them. carries a full selection of wedding favors and wedding accessories, suited for every style or theme of weddings. Read on for some of our suggestions for choosing wedding favors.

Ideally, the item should be able to be personalized to further affirm the association to you and your partner. Wedding favours are great for expressing the personality of the couple and showcasing the theme of the wedding. The item you choose should be unique to who you are as a couple, by portraying a hobby, profession or personality trait which is most recognizably your own.

Of course, you want your guest to find the favours useful and worth keeping, so that they will serve as a reminder of your special day for many years to come.

Practical Wedding Favors

Wedding Favour Wedding Favor Wedding Favor Wedding Favour Wedding Favor
If you would like to give useful items that your guests will enjoy using as opposed to trinkets they may or may not like then practical is the way to go. Key chains, pens, photo frames, and refrigerator magnets are just some of the options available for practical keepsakes of your wedding day.

Or you can get a little creative and choose among a list of less popular but more unique wedding favour ideas: throw pillows, cookie cutters, water bottles, mouse pads, mini calculators, coasters, champagne flutes or drinking glasses, scented candles, ice cube trays, bottle openers, bubble bath, and wedding shirts.

Novelty Favours

Wedding Favour Wedding Favor Wedding Favor Wedding Favour Wedding Favor

If your wedding is on the casual side and you want the favors to add to the carefree, fun atmosphere, then ready-to-use novelty favors might be for you. Some choices include yoyos, paddle balls, kazoos, party hats, water guns, small stuffed animals, bubble bottles, and wedding coloring books. While these are not for formal receptions, they might be just the ticket for lightening up the mood and making your reception into a big party people will be talking about for months!

Wedding Favour Wedding Favor Wedding Favor Wedding Favour Wedding Favor

Romantic Wedding Favors

Your wedding day is all about romance. To commemorate that, you might choose wedding favours with a romantic theme. Ideas include personalized copies of your favourite romantic novel, personalized container of your favourite chocolates, candles, or a CD with all-time classic love songs.

Wedding Favour Wedding Favor Wedding Favor Wedding Favour Wedding Favor

Traditional Wedding Favors

Perhaps you want to stick with tradition and pick elegant, classic pieces that have been parts of weddings for decades, or even centuries. Ceramic figurines, bells, doves or dolphins all symbolize love, peace or happiness. Engraving them with your initials or a unique message will create a timeless keepsake for your guests.

Wedding Favour Wedding Favor Wedding Favor Wedding Favour Wedding Favor
The above selections are just some of the countless ideas you can use to create unique wedding favors, which will add a special touch to your wedding celebration. carries an extensive selection of wedding favors and accessories, which you can browse online. Or come in to our Toronto store and speak with one of our qualified wedding experts who will be happy to assist you with any wedding questions or decisions you might have.

With flowers, dresses, the band and the food, weddings aren't cheap. If you really have you heart set on something but your budget is tight, look to short-term finance options to allow you to have the dream wedding that you always wanted.

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